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      The Transformation From Non Touch To Touch Screen

      Dec. 20, 2019

      The rapid development of science and technology has brought tremendous changes to people's lives. In just a few years, intelligence has almost swept through all walks of life, bringing users more convenient operation, and at the same time, the sense of user experience is rising again and again. Among them, taking the transformation of smart phones as an example, the past push-button mobile phones have great defects in function and experience. Nowadays, the touch operation of smart phones not only brings more function points, but also makes the operation more simple and flexible. The smart experience brought to users is also improved a lot.


      Industrial all-in-one tablet PC completes the touchable transformation


      From mobile phones to touch display devices, the theory is same. The traditional touch display equipment is not only bulky and rigid, but also can realize the interface control by connecting the keyboard and mouse. Up to now, the industrial all-in-one computer has completely changed the control methods.


      Nowadays, the industrial all-in-one computer on the market has basically realized a more intelligent experience for users from inside to outside, and the touch mode has basically replaced the non touch mode products. For example, as the leading manufacturer of touch display equipment, Jawest focusing on industrial intelligent automation, touch industrial all-in-one PC series products, from the first generation to the fourth generation, they are also constantly undergoing reform and upgrading. It is not only more beautiful in appearance, simpler in operation interface, more sensitive in touch response, but also more comprehensive and intelligent experience.


      Among them, in the selection of touch mode, Jawest industrial all-in-one PC provide multi touch modes such as capacitance, resistance, infrared touch and non touch (it refers to mouse control). At the same time, based on the experience of touch industry for many years, most industrial automation users tend to use the mainstream touch mode: capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen. However, the user needs to consult with the manufacturer in detail when purchasing the all in one PC, it should be compliance with the actual applications, so as to ensure that the product can meet their own needs.


      Advantages of industrial all-in-one PC with touch screen


      As the mainstream product category in the current market, industrial touch screen PC is mainly used in industrial automation, production line, process control and so on. Therefore, in response to the complex, changeable and harsh industrial environment, compared with the previous products, the industrial touch screen tablet PC has obvious advantages in use.


      First of all, in the external design, the front panel of the Jawest industrial touch tablet PC is made of one-piece die-casting, with built-in waterproof strip, reaching IP65 level of dust-proof and water-proof, which can well adapt to the special using environment such as water, dust and oil stains.


      In terms of stability, the built-in main board of the industrial touch all-in-one PC has reached the industrial grade quality, with higher stability performance. For the industrial main board, Jawest has the ability of independent research and development. At present, the category of industrial board has been far satisfied with the use of its own products. At the same time, it has also become a special series of products independently innovated and developed by Jawest company, which is an effective embodiment of the company's strong competitiveness in market.


      More importantly, under the condition that all aspects have reached the industrial level, Jawest industrial touch all-in-one PC also supports OEM / ODM customized services. Customization items like appearance, screen, size, interface, configuration, board, add-on module, secondary development of software,. etc. So as to achieve the goal of helping users to manufacture products that most meet their needs.

      The Transformation From Non Touch To Touch Screen